Improved Cassava Farming Practices in Southwestern Burma

The Burma (or Myanmar) office expresses gratitude to Luis Manrique, an agronomist and soil technician volunteering through the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program from Hawaii. During his visit, Luis conducted training sessions in Kyonpyaw, a small town in the Ayeyarwaddy Region, where he instructed twenty participants on advanced farming techniques aimed at enhancing cassava production yields and quality. His teachings focused on alternative planting methods such as rows, ridges, and elevated beds, along with practices like mulching, intercropping, and optimizing plant populations to boost yields and enhance soil health.

Reflecting on his experience, Luis remarked that his time in Myanmar has fostered a profound appreciation for its people, whom he found to be remarkably resourceful and innovative in addressing challenges. He shared a poignant encounter with a member of the Cassava Farmers Group who generously opened his home to young individuals from remote areas, enabling them to attend high school in town. This act of altruism exemplifies the community's willingness to enhance their livelihoods if provided with access to knowledge and improved technology.

Overall, Luis's contributions underscore the potential for sustainable agricultural development in Myanmar through the empowerment of local farmers with modern techniques and resources.


Source: Improved Cassava Farming Practices in Southwestern Burma - Winrock International