About ACC

The ASEAN Cassava Centre (ACC) was established in 2021 in response to a compelling need to improve productivity and overall production efficiency of cassava and its products in the value chain in the ASEAN region.

ACC is a non-governmental organisation that aims to strengthen and sustain development of ASEAN’s cassava industry, enhance the skills and mobility of operators through an exchange of knowledge and experience via training courses relating to the cassava value chain, and facilitate cooperation and coordination among stakeholders in the cassava value chain in Southeast Asia.


The vision of ACC is to support cassava value chain development in the ASEAN region through three core themes (pillars): knowledge dissemination, technological innovation, and provision of solutions.


The mission of ACC is to provide knowledge and experience, key information, technology and research about cassava for ASEAN members, facilitate cooperation among research institutes, private sector producers and commercial associations, and to create a supporting environment for all actors in the cassava value chain to promote the development and sustainability of cassava in ASEAN.


  • Establish a  national centre for cassava in each CLVT country. The centre will act as an information hub and a technical support facility for operators, trainers, policymakers and other stakeholders whose works are related to cassava.
  • Develop a training programme for enhancing human capacity from upstream (cultivation) and midstream (manufacturing of cassava products) to downstream (waste treatment and utilisation in the cassava value chain.
  • Organise seminars, workshops and site/field visits, and networking events to provide space for relevant stakeholders to exchange information and knowledge to create new opportunities for future collaborative projects.

Organisational structure