2022 Annual Evaluation Meeting of CCARS Held Successfully in Danzhou

The annual evaluation meeting of the Chinese Cassava Agro-industrial Research System (CCARS) convened in Danzhou, Haian Island, from December 20 to 23, 2022, with 120 attendees nationwide. Key figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences delivered speeches, outlining achievements and discussing future plans. Prof. Zhang Peng presented the center's progress in cassava research.

Simultaneously, the "Cassava Industry Development Youth Forum - Danzhou 2022" symposium emphasized technological innovation's role in cassava industrialization. Dr. Ma Qiuxiang and graduate student Tong Weijing attended, presenting their reports. Tong Weijing received the third prize for the best presentation, promoting academic exchanges and cooperation among system members.

Source: Shanghai Center for Cassava Biotechnology (SCCB)