CCARS 2018 Kick-off Meeting: Advancing Cassava Research in Kunming, Yunnan

The Kick-off meeting for CCARS 2018 tasks convened successfully in Kunming, Yunnan, from April 8 to 10, 2018. Attended by key figures like General Consultant Lv Feijie and Principle Investigator Li Kaimian, along with President Sheng Jun of Yunnan Agricultural University, the event witnessed participation from over 100 members across various research laboratories and stations. Discussions primarily centered on CCARS tasks and assignments for the year, including eleven special projects focusing on achievements organization, book editing, project applications, and cassava germplasm utilization. The meeting emphasized task implementation for each entity within CCARS to enhance cohesion, collaboration, and exchange among members. Prof. Zhang Peng, alongside team members Drs. Wang Hongxia and Ma Qiuxiang, were among the attendees.

Source: Shanghai Center for Cassava Biotechnology (SCCB)