Cambodia's Cassava Policy: A Path to Economic Growth and Sustainability

Cambodia launched a new national cassava policy in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and UNDP. The policy aims to boost cassava production and exports until 2025, recognizing its significance in job creation and economic growth. Cambodia ranks fourth in Asia and tenth globally in cassava production. The crop's resilience to climate change makes it a valuable asset in sustainable agriculture. Efforts are underway to enhance cassava's climate-smart characteristics, benefiting soil quality and carbon absorption.

The policy targets upgrading the cassava value chain to capitalize on emerging market opportunities, aligning with Cambodia's development goals. Key officials emphasize cassava's potential for industrialization and export, stressing the importance of improving value chains and fostering strong relationships between processors and farmers. The policy, developed by the government's cassava working group and approved in August 2020, signifies a pivotal step towards inclusive growth, poverty reduction, and industrial development in Cambodia.

Source: New Cassava Policy To Transform Production Of Crucial Crop – Khmer Post Asia