Accelerating Inclusive Cassava Market Development (AI-CMD)

The cassava sector in Cambodia has emerged as a vital agricultural industry, recognized by the government as a national priority. Despite its growth, the sector lacks sustainable practices, leaving it vulnerable to market fluctuations, pests, diseases, and extreme weather. To address this, a project aims to enhance the prosperity of smallholder farmers by improving productivity and market access.

The project seeks to achieve several outcomes:

  1. Increasing farmers' profits by developing inclusive cassava value chains.
  2. Establishing reliable market-led supply chains for mutual benefit.
  3. Strengthening the capacity of national institutions to devise sustainable cassava strategies.

Expected deliverables include:

  1. Boosting smallholder farmers' productivity through practical measures and extension services.
  2. Reducing losses during harvest and post-harvest through improved machinery and techniques.
  3. Reinforcing supply chain reliability via contract farming and new product development.
  4. Building the capacity of farmer groups and organizations.
  5. Enhancing market linkages between farmers and processing factories.
  6. Promoting new value-added products.
  7. Improving the capacity of national institutions to lead and facilitate cassava value chain development.

Furthermore, the project aims to establish a viable cassava market information system and enhance the capacity of national institutions for scaling-up activities. It also intends to provide support for policy monitoring and sector sustainability. Through these efforts, the project seeks to bolster the resilience and prosperity of Cambodia's cassava sector.


Source: Accelerating Inclusive Cassava Market Development (AI-CMD) | United Nations Development Programme (