Cambodian officials complete training in cassava cultivation techniques in China

The practical enactment of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of China and UNDP has begun through the China-Cambodia pilot initiative on South-South cooperation. Initiated after the MoU signing witnessed by Helen Clark and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, the program aimed to enhance Cambodia's cassava cultivation expertise.

Thirty Cambodian officials, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and supported by UNDP and China's Ministry of Commerce, completed a training program in cassava cultivation in China. Conducted by the Chinese Academy for Tropical Agricultural Sciences, the training ran from December 27, 2011, to January 16, 2012.

The training encompassed classroom sessions, laboratory experiments, and field visits, enabling interactions with stakeholders like farmers, Chinese officials, and cassava experts. It addressed Cambodia's need to diversify its export base, crucial for economic growth.

Participants praised the training's relevance to Cambodia's agricultural development, acknowledging its contribution to addressing gaps in cassava research and development compared to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

The program facilitated cross-border cooperation, marked by UNDP's assistance in arranging for Chinese-speaking facilitators and officials from both countries expressing commitment to further collaboration beyond the training.

Through experiential learning, participants gained insights into various aspects of cassava cultivation, from soil preparation to processing techniques. They highlighted the value of practical training in bridging theoretical knowledge with technical skills, aiming to disseminate newfound expertise among Cambodian farmers.

The training concluded with the official endorsement by UNDP's Country Director in China and China's Deputy Director General of Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs, pledging sustained support for the initiative's continuity and expansion.

Source: Cambodian officials complete training in cassava cultivation techniques in China | United Nations Development Programme (