Cassava Cultivation Meets Modern Tech

Smart Farming/Modern Technology for Cassava

Smart farming is crucial due to labor shortages, resource limitations, climate changes, and rising input costs. Precision agriculture, driven by modern technology, optimizes productivity and mitigates uncertainties. Cassava farming now incorporates Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), utilizing GPS and sensors for precise land preparation, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Data-mapping drones, equipped with RGB and multispectral cameras, monitor crop health, generate NDVI data, aiding informed decisions on fertilization and pesticide use, and facilitating precise weed control. Drones also efficiently apply fertilizers and pesticides, reducing labor and chemical usage, promoting cost savings, and sustainable practices in agriculture.

Platforms and applications for smart farming management

Agricultural platforms, such as Thai Agri-Map and iCassava, offer valuable data for crop monitoring, aiding farmers in decisions related to crop health, pest control, weather, and yield estimation. iCassava, developed by Kasetsart University, provides a digital farm book and facilitates data sharing among farmers, promoting optimal cassava cultivation practices. These technologies improve cassava production, resource management, and environmental impact, supporting sustainable agriculture in today's world.